The life expectancy of a male is 4-7 years and a female up to 25 years!  They are found in grasslands, rainforests and wet,dry woodlands.  Tarantulas breed from 3 years and females from 8-10 years. After mating the female sometimes eats the male!  They are nocturnal, solitary and dig burrows to shelter in during the day.


Tarantulas are exciting to watch feed. They feed mainly on insects and small mice & rodents. Whatever they can over-power they will eat. Remember, it is important to vary their diet so they have a long and happy life.  We recommend crickets, woodies, mealworms and silkworms. Please feed your insects with vegies and gut load – so the goodness is passed onto the spider.



A small terrarium or container, a water dish and a “hide-out” is all that is needed. If your tarantula paces around his enclosure it is not set up appropriately, so change it around or add more substrate and a new hide-out or retreat. Spiders can squeeze through very small gaps, but they do need small ventilation holes to eliminate stale air.



Peatmoss, coco peat, palm peat or sphagnum moss should be used.  Do not use sand or gravel.  Please note that bark chips or pine shavings are deadly to tarantulas.  As Tarantulas need to burrow give them at least 3 inches of substrate. Your tarantula will build a silk lined nest to hide in.



Humidity should be between 50-80%. Most tarantulas come from north Qld so some heating will be required. The temperature can go as low as 18-20 degrees, but your spider will be more active when the temperature is over 25 degrees. Low watt heat mats or low wattage bulbs should be used when it is very cool only. Be careful not to overheat them.  Tarantulas do not like white lights and naturally hide during the day, so use red, purple or black heats lights.  Ideally if you need to heat the enclosure, try to heat one side of it only.



No recorded fatalities have come from an Australian tarantula bite, but the bites are very painful and may cause a reaction such as nausea & swelling. See your doctor if you are concerned.


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