The life expectancy of a scorpion is up to 7 years and it will grow up to 6cm.

They live in a semi arid environment and feed on crickets & other insects. Males and females are fairly easy to tell apart, as the males have a very long elongated tail.

The scorpion is relatively placid, but it can deliver a powerful sting. The sting is not considered dangerous.


Your scorpion will eat crickets & insects and meal worms occasionally – but only feed one insect at a time and if is not eaten within 48 hours remove the food.

A young scorpion will need to be fed twice a week. However, adult scorpions need to be fed once a week during summer and twice a month during winter. You can supplement the scorpion’s feeding with reptile vitamins. It is also a good idea to use gut load on your insects for a few days before feeding them to the scorpion.


Housing & Shedding

A very small terrarium or container is all that is needed.  Scorpions do not need water dishes as they will get the moisture they require from the moist substrate.  Shedding needs to occur underground – so make sure the substrate is at least two inches deep so the scorpion can block itself off – shedding takes a couple of months.



Use sand on one half of a very small terrarium and coco fibre or sphagnum moss on the other half. It is important to keep the sand dry and the fibre/moss moist as humidity is important. Coconut fibre is slightly acidic which helps to minimise fungus problems.



The male scorpion lays a sperm pocket he then drags the female scorpion across the pocket to impregnate her.  The gestation period is 18 months.  20-50 live young will drop into the birth basket and climb onto the mother’s back and stay there for just over a month.



Temperature should be between 20 and 30 degrees, heat over 40 degrees is lethal. Humidity is good between 60 & 70% and 90 + during shedding & birthing. Scorpions are naturally nocturnal; however they do need a day/night cycle.  Never use an ultraviolet light.


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