You will need a tank, substrate, one water dish, one bathing dish, one food dish, food, salt solution, spare shells, sponge and climbing objects. You will need a heat source, as temperature should be no less than 24°C and no greater than 32°C.

Hermit crabs are not "true crabs." They have a smaller, soft abdomen which they protect by living in an empty snail shell. They must find larger shells as they grow, and you must provide progressively larger shells as your pets grow. In the wild they are omnivores, feeding on both plant and animal material.


Housing and environment

The Ideal tank should be glass with a lid (so they don’t climb out) and size 40-60 liters.  Substrate (ground cover) should consist of sand or gravel and needs to be replaced monthly to remove waste.              

Different objects such as rocks, coral and drift wood or ceramic ornaments should be added to the   aquarium so the crabs can explore and get exercise. You should spray the substrate with water (room temp) every 2-3 days to keep the environment moist, as the hermit crab needs humidity (70% – 80%) to thrive.



During the cooler months heating is vital for the survival of your hermit crab and the temperature should be kept between 24 and 29 degrees. Heat mats are preferable, but infrared heat lamps can be used.



Feed daily with hermit crab pellets or hermit crab treats and discard any uneaten food daily. Extras can include bread, crackers, lettuce, coconut, grapes, oatmeal and cornmeal. Calcium is an important part of the hermit crab’s diet as it boosts the metabolism and produces harder exoskeletons. It can be obtained from calcium powder supplements, cuttlebone, crushed oyster shell or crushed clean egg shell. Don’t worry if your crab doesn’t eat, they can go for days without food.



You can hold your crab in the palm of your hand by keeping your fingers together and your hand outstretched and flat. If your crab pinches you with his claws he is either trying to climb or he is feeling insecure and is holding on so he doesn’t fall. You can let your crab roam around on the floor as long as you watch him.


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