Size: They can grow to anywhere between 7 to 24 inches in length depending on specific species.

Life Span: The Blue-Tongue can reach the age of 20 years or more in captivity


Juvenile Blue-Tongues should be kept in 3ft (minimum) terrariums or similar enclosures. Adults ideally can be housed in out-door enclosures or a minimum of 4 ft terrarium. Blue tongue skinks do not climb so length not height is required 



A temperature gradient of 24-30 degrees should be established with a basking area of 35 degrees during the day. Temperatures should not fall below 16 degrees at night.



Temperatures can be maintained with basking bulbs, infrared heat bulbs and ceramic emitters or under tank heaters and panels. As with most diurnal species full spectrum light is required. This can be achieved by using fluorescent bulbs or full spectrum UVB bulbs. Hot rocks should never be used due to the high risk of burns that can be inflicted on the animal from malfunctioning heat rocks.



Reptile bark ,chipsi,aspen bedding, newspaper or indoor/outdoor carpeting can all be used as substrates.



A hide box should be provided for the animal as well as a large water bowl big enough for them to get into to bath . ideally blue tongue skinks love a separate area that is kept moist for shedding purposes , use sphagnum moss or moist coco fibre but change regularly and keep the rest of the enclosure dry and bacteria free.



Most species are omnivorous (eating both plant and animal matter). Generally a diet consisting of 60% plant and 40% animal will provide a healthy mix for your animal. Frozen mixed vegetables, various greens, small amounts of high quality raw dog food like Barf,giant mealworms and thawed pre-killed frozen mice can be fed to your skink. Fresh water should be provided daily.


  • Suitable terrarium (min 3ft)
  • Lighting (full spectrum UV bulb or fluorescent tube)
  • Light fixture (ceramic screw fitting lead or light fixture et glow light)
  • Heating (basking light, under-tank heat pad, ceramic heat emitter)
  • Substrate
  • Water bowl (big enough for reptile to submerge itself) 
  • Food dish
  • Cage furniture (hiding box, branches, rocks, logs)
  • Calcium/multi-vitamin supplements
  • Cage Cleaner & hand sanitizer
  • Worm rid (all reptiles should be wormed every year ) the more reptiles you own the more worming is required
  • Skin Shed formula
  • Bearded Dragon Pellets, defrosted mice, mealworms, woodies, raw dog foods
  • Canned critters are a tasty treat!


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