Cleaning Tip – Remove only 25% of the water fortnightly by gravel vacuuming the bottom of your tank, so you do not disturb the good bacterium, which is necessary to break down the food & faeces.

  1. Choose a desired location for your aquarium (away from windows and doors).
  2. Clean your aquarium and gravel thoroughly with water only.
  3. Add clean gravel to your aquarium (approximately 3cm in depth) and position large ornaments / rocks and backing.
  4. ¾ fill aquarium with water, position remaining ornaments, plants, the recommended heater and filter (leave turned off), and the ammonia sensor.
  5. Top aquarium with water until it is 3cm from the top.
  6. Add recommended water treatments to remove harmful chemicals from the water (eg, Prime, Complete water conditioner or Stress Coat).
  7. Add bacterial product (Stability, Stress Zyme or Aqua Cycle) to start the nitrogen cycle.
  8. Turn heater and filter on and adjust to recommended settings (See Manual)
  9. Test pH and adjust according to the required levels for the species you have chosen.
  10. Place glass lids, lights and hood into position and operate tank, fish free, for at least 48hrs.
  11. After purchasing your fish (approximately 10% of the max capacity) you will need to acclimatise them by floating the sealed bag in the aquarium for 10min. Double check the ph levels whilst fish are acclimatising and adjust if necessary.
  12. Open fish bags and introduce some of the new aquarium water, float for a further 10min.
  13. By using your fish net, carefully introduce the fish into your aquarium (discard bags and bagged water).
  14. Enjoy your fish!
For more information come and see our friendly staff or choose from our range of books and DVD’s.

Aquarium Maintenance

Wipe inside glass with magnet cleaner when required to remove algae (brown or green film).
Carry out a 25-30% water change fortnightly by using a gravel cleaner to remove fish waste from the gravel.
Add water treatments and bacterial products as directed and then fill with water.
Clean the filter every 2-4 weeks by following the manufactures instructions. Clean the foam in a bucket of tank or neutralised water).
Feed your fish daily with a good quality food to promote health & vitality, but DO NOT OVERFEED!
Check pH and temperature weekly.

Common Problems

Algae with live plants - introduce more plants to compete with algae and a variety of algae eating fish eg. Bristlenose catfish, suckers, rosy barbs or Siamese flying fox.

Algae without live plants - use algae blocks, algae clear liquid, reduction of light and regular cleaning.

Cloudy Water after filling new tank – use aqua clear liquid.

Clear water gone cloudy - carry out a 30% water change, add Cycle, reduce feeding and check with Mackay Pet Super Store if filter is adequate.

Dying Plants - Use correct spectrum lighting (double tubes), fertilise with aquarium fertiliser et Florapride or plant food. Stock true aquatic plants only.

Disease - Prevention is better than cure.  Follow maintenance guide and seek advice from our professional staff.


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