Having a fish as a pet is definitely up there as one of the easiest pets to add to your household. From the classic pet goldfish to tropical fish, coral and everything in between, all can be found in our specialised Fish Court. With the large variety of accessories available in-store there is plenty of room to get creative when setting up your aquarium.

Aquarium Diver


Want to find Nemo and friends? Want to start your own aquarium? Come in-store and explore our unique fish cave, it’s just like being in an underwater aquarium. Sarah, our experienced aquarium diver will be able to show you the ins and outs of creating your own special aquarium. With the knowledge of which fish can live together, she will ensure the longevity of your fishy friends and their watery home.

Click below for some helpful hints on caring for your fish:

Fish & Coral Marine Aquarium

Starting a New Fish Bowl

The 'Fish Only' Marine Aquarium

Starting a New Aquarium


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Visit in-store where our helpful animal experts and delightful staff can assist with all your pet needs.