Lories (with square tails) and lorikeets (with pointed tails) are nectar and fruit eating parrots so they have liquid droppings. Their life span is 15 years or more. The larger Lories are the best candidates for learning to talk. They are very colourful and grow from 6-11 inches.  As pets they’ll tumble and frolic at ground level when they feel safe, they are delightful to watch.


A few of the smaller types can be housed safely together but most Lories must be housed in separate cages.  Get the largest cage you can use with the proper bar spacing and a floor grate. Every Lorie should have a swing & ladders are also welcome. Keep perches low to contain droppings. An absorbent, safe substrate on the cage floor is sensible. Avoid flimsy toys and mirrors, avoid leather and rawhide which harbor bacteria when wet. Lories “taste-test” everything, so overall hygiene is critical. Disinfect cage, food cups, toys and perches at least once weekly. Replace wooden perches yearly.



The lorikeet’s main diet consists of nectar and fruit. They can eat some greens and some seed. Special diets which can be purchased at most pet stores have been formulated to feed the bird in either a wet form as nectar or in a dry form as a powder.  Make sure you have water near the powder, so the bird can take drinks while eating.  Fresh fruit should be fed regularly.



Lories love water and to be misted. Provide a non-slippery plastic or clay dish with half inch of cool water.  Birds must be dry at bedtime.



Most Lories are hardy but all birds hide signs of illness. An annual exam is wise, since Lories are prone to yeast infections, possibly due to high sugar content of their food.  Do not allow them to take food from your mouth (which they are apt to try) because they can pick up bacteria. Keep wings and nails clipped. Lories must be supervised when out because of their inquisitiveness. A sick bird doesn’t drink or eat well, may appear fluffed or show respiratory systems & will sit on the cage floor. Never feed chocolate or alcoholic beverages.


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