Indian Ringnecks can live up to 30 years and reach lengths of about 16 inches. This bird can be found in a variety of colours – green, yellow and blue. Both males and females look very similar; however, the male has a dark ring around his neck. 

Care of the Indian Ringneck

A cage with the dimensions big enough for the ringneck to flap its wings and move freely around and be large enough to hold everything needed, including dishes and toys.


Indian Ringnecks are naturally social birds and if kept by themselves with not enough attention they can turn nippy and unfriendly. So a simple daily rotation of toys will keep your bird happy.


A seed designed for small parrots is the best. You can also feed your parrot apple, broccoli, cuttlefish, snow peas, carrots, corn and many other fresh veggies.


Indian Ringnecks (like dogs and cats) can get worms, so it is a good idea to keep your it wormed. This is done every 3 months and is a simple process.  Just ask one of the friendly staff and they will explain the details to you.


Your Ringneck enjoys baths and if it is not supplied with one, either give a daily squirt with a water bottle or a deep dish to play in.

Where to keep your Indian Ringneck

Your Ringneck should be kept in a draught free area and part shade if you are keeping your Ringneck indoors. It should be kept out of direct air flows – like air conditioners or an open window.

About Indian Ringnecks

Indian Ringnecks are intelligent parrots and DO make great pets. They learn concepts quickly and love to show off.  Along with being intelligent, they are great at talking and a Ringneck can speak with clarity that’s phenomenal. These birds are truly masters at talking for their size. They are also one of the most commonly kept larger parrots.   


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