The Cockatiel makes a friendly and cheerful pet. It has lots of character and is easy to train and teach. They mimic sounds they hear and the males can learn to talk. Cockatiels have been kept as pets since the late 1800’s.  

Care of the Cockatiel

A cage with ample room for the cockatiel to stretch its wings out fully and large enough to hold everything needed, including dishes and toys is essential. The cage must be strong enough to withstand it significant beak strength. A bird that is confined to its cage with nothing to do will develop behavioral problems created from boredom. Toys and time out of the cage are the best things to ensure these problems don’t arise.


Although they have a demanding nature, they are smart birds, and need loads of attention and toys to keep them busy. Cockatiels are also vigorous chewers. Toys can be anything from toys purchased at the pet shop to a branch that is taken from a Bottle Brush tree. A daily rotation of a couple of their toys will keep them interested in the surroundings.    


A seed designed for small parrots is the best. You can also feed your parrot apple, broccoli, cuttlefish, snow peas, carrots, corn and many other fresh veggies. There are also some native plants your cockatiel will enjoy such as: eucalypt, acacia, Lucerne, wild oats, veldt grass, bottle brush & wattle. Multi-grain bread and hard boiled eggs will make some extra special treats. You should supply your cockatiel with some dry egg and biscuit as this will help with their growth.


Worming your cockatiel (like dogs and cats) can get worms, so it is a good idea to keep it wormed. This is done every 3 months and is a simple process.  Just ask one of the friendly staff and they will explain the details to you.

Where to keep your cockatielYour Cockatiel should be kept in a draught free area and part shade.  If you are keeping your Cockatiel indoors it should be kept out of direct air flows – like air conditioners or an open window.


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