Budgies make cheerful and friendly pets; they have lots of character and are easy to train. Budgies are hardy parrots, easy to care for and make ideal first pets for young children. Owning a budgie can be very rewarding, with their amusing antics, interaction and talking.

Please remember to add wooden perches of different widths to ensure exercise of feet. Dead branches from native trees are ideal.

Care of the budgie

A cage with the minimum dimensions of 60cm x 40cm is the recommended size as there is a lot of room to move and space for toys and treats. Make sure all latches to doors etc are secure as these parrots may learn to open them up.


Budgies get bored if they are left with very little to do.  Make sure to keep your bird happy with plenty of bells, mirrors and even some small cat toys.


Seed designed for budgies is best. Do not add extra sunflower seed etc to the mix as this may cause problems at a later stage. You can try your bird with apple, broccoli, cuttlefish and leafy vegetables. NO AVOCADO, LETTUCE OR CABBAGE.


Your Budgie (like dogs and cats) can get worms, so it is a good idea to keep it wormed. This is done every 3 months and is a simple process.  Just ask one of the friendly staff and they will explain the details to you.

Where to keep your Budgie

Your budgie should be kept in a draught free area where it gets filtered light. Budgies do not like being in direct air conditioning airflow.


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