With the largest bird sanctuary in Mackay showcasing the wide variety of pet birds, choosing just one will be the hard decision. A selection of our birds includes Alexandrine Parrots, Budgies, Cockatiels, Galahs, Lorikeets and Indian Ringnecks, Finches, Canaries & Small Parrots. Take advantage of our wing clipping service for your pet bird. A pet bird is a great way of teaching responsibility to kids.

Janet the Bird Guru

Do you want a pet that can talk back to you? Then perhaps a bird is the perfect addition to your family. Janet our experienced bird handler has the knowledge and love for birds to ensure you find the perfect match. For all the know-how on caring for your feathered friend, Janet can take you through everything step by step. Come in-store and take a walk through our sanctuary, the tough decision will be picking just one. 

Click below for some helpful hints on caring for your birds:

Alexandrine Parrot





Indian Ringneck

Birds We Sell

POULTRY - (unsexed chicks)
 - Wyandottes (silver & gold laced)
 - Plymouth Rocks
 - Sillkie x Pekin Bantams

 - Alexandrine 
 - Crimson Wings (M) (L)
 - Cockatoo
 - Galah
 - Pale Headed Rosella (M) (L)
 - Red Capped (M) (L)
 - Regent Parrots (M) (L)
 - Ringnecks 
 - King Parrot (M) (L)
 - Western Rosella (M)
 - Yellow Rosella (M)
 - Long Bill Corella
 - Blue Bonnet (M)

 - Plum Head
 - Slatey Head
 - Rosa Bourke Parrot
 - Elegant Parrot
 - Red Rump
 - Cockatiels
 - Green Cheek Conure 
 - Yellow Sided Conure
 - Sun Conure 
 - Lovebirds (Masked)
 - Peachface
 - Mulga Parrot (M) (L)
 - Princess Parrots

 - Rainbow Lorikeet
 - Jade Lorikeet
 - Little Lorikeet
 - Musk Lorikeets

 - Show Budgies
 - Australian Budgies


 - Red Face Parrot Finch
 - Heavy Pied Red Face Parrot Finch
 - Cuban Finch
 - Crimson (Blood) Finch (M) (L)
 - Ruddie
 - Bangelese
 - Orange Breast
 - Chestnut Mannikin (M)
 - Gouldians
 - Melba Finch
 - Silver Bill Finch
 - Zebra Finch
 - Jackarini Finch 
 - Pictorella Finch (M) (L)
 - Long Tail Finch (M)
 - Masked Finch (M)
 - Singer Finch 
 - Double Bar
 - Latino Star Finch
 - Star Finch
 - Cordon Bleu
 - Black Throated (M)
 - Plum Head Finch (M) (L)
 - Black Head nun 
 - Tri Nun

 - California Quail
 - Jap Quails
 - King Quails

* M - Movement Advice
   L -  Licence 


The Superstore is open every day except Christmas Day, Easter Friday and ANZAC Day.

22 Grandview Drive, Greenfields
Monday to Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday to Sunday 8.30am – 5.00pm

Visit in-store where our helpful animal experts and delightful staff can assist with all your pet needs.