At Mackay Pet Superstore we offer the largest selection for when it comes to choosing the new addition to the family. Our name really says it all!

We pride ourselves on the focus we give our pets as they are our first priority. When you decide it’s time for an addition to the family be sure to make Mackay Pet Superstore your first stop.

We have all pets covered from fluffy to scaly to slimy to feathery; the traditional all the way to the exotic.

View our individual pet pages to learn more or just pop in store for a first-hand experience.


If you’re after a guard dog, a bundle of fluff or just a dog bouncing with energy, there is always a variety of breeds that come in store. If it’s a particular breed you’re after...


Our most popular kittens that provides endless amount of joy are the short-hair breed. When the ever-fluffy ragdoll kittens are in-store, they rarely stay with us long...

Small Animals

For that little touch of difference in a pet, our range of small animals may be what you’re looking for. The resident small animals are our guinea pigs, rats and mice. From time to time...


There is no need to conform to normality with your pet choice; a reptile can add that exotic aspect to your household. Our large range of reptiles covers everyone’s exotic interests...


With the largest bird sanctuary in Mackay showcasing the wide variety of pet birds, choosing just one will be the hard decision. A selection of our birds includes...


Having a fish as a pet is definitely up there as one of the easiest pets to add to your household. From the classic pet goldfish to tropical fish, coral and everything...


The Superstore is open every day except Christmas Day, Easter Friday and ANZAC Day.

22 Grandview Drive, Greenfields
Monday to Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday to Sunday 8.30am – 5.00pm

Visit in-store where our helpful animal experts and delightful staff can assist with all your pet needs.